“Jasmine’s multinational background and extensive travel enables her to communicate with all types of couples from diverse backgrounds.

Music and theatrical arts were the core of her upbringing in London, and after moving to settle in Lisbon in 2000, she worked in PR for Luxury brands, Cartier and Hermes. Her graving grew for all things discreetly glamorous and understatedly elegant so in 2007 she put into practice what she loves best.  TWC was launched as the pioneer in luxury wedding planning and design in Portugal.

Jasmine has spoken at industry events such as Engage! The Luxury Wedding Business Summit, University talks and business start up talks, sharing her knowledge and expertise. She loves the energy, the emotion and all the delicate details and being able to direct memorable events that are forever cherished.”

Jasmine Lazarri The wedding Co Portugal

Jasmine Lazzari

Creative Director

Marta The Wedding Co. Portugal team

Marta Pinto

Events Director

A trained architect, Marta also boasts bags of experience managing luxury events and is always on the lookout for excellent suppliers and refined new products to embellish our work.

She is as fast as lightning and possesses a vast knowledge of everything wedding related, important qualities of a great events manager. Her ability to remain “patient and calm while putting out fires” on the go has not gone unnoticed by clients.

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and French after a few drinks.

SOFIA Santana Lopez The Wedding Co Portugal

Paulo Ferreira


SOFIA Santana Lopez The Wedding Co Portugal

Andreia Dias

Admin & Wedding Coordinator

Marta The Wedding Co. Portugal team

Luís Nascimento

Production Coordinator